Friday, April 11, 2014

Customer - Self proclaimed God

Recently I saw an article In my small career I have witnessed it at many occasions. 

In a service company, client is God. You would want to provide all kinds of services to please him/her. We are so much used to say yes to a client that we can even agree to feed his/her dog, wash his/her cloths and clean his/her house. 

In a product company, the end user is God. If some one is not able to click a button you assure to change the color or position to make it intuitive (BS!).

With the invasion of social media even a new born kid would bully you for writing negative feedback. This is there in all industries.

You are a normal human being but suddenly as a customer you become a super hero. The other end should tolerate you loud voice, anger and even threat.

Why it is being tolerated?

Simple answer: for business.

Why is it growing?

Most of the businesses depend on advertisement than the quality of product or uniqueness.

If customer was God, would God do any act to annoy others?

The need is to rate the Customers. Uber does it! So if you misbehave quite often next time you won't get a Uber ride. 

And it is important bring uniqueness and quality to products.

And of course I am not denying the fact that there are many good customers and many bad service/product providers.

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