Saturday, October 30, 2010

Go Google - The wiser Google

Google is growing wiser with its age. It is becoming more intuitive so more helpful.

Say you want to search for "Cinema". No need to add your location to the search string. It gets your location from you IP and then displays results for that  location (location based search). In case you want to search for a different location you can either update the location to on the left panel or may add it to the search string.

At the very top it will display the show timings for various movies and various theaters near you. In case you enter a movie name it will display the show timing of that movie running in theaters near you. It will also display video clips or song links. It will also display a map results for theaters near you. Simple isn't it!
Earlier at the top it would have displayed a wiki link describing what is "Cinema"! Only few needed that.

Now if you want to try the same with the word "fruit" you have to wait for some more time. One hypothetical situation could be. A "street hawker" tweets/buzz that he is selling Bananas in 17 street, NYC and someone from 17 street googles for fruit and gets an answer, Bananas: "Go out from your apartment. 3 steps to your left" :)

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